Public Relations Specialist

B2B PR | Startup PR | Tech PR

I am a public relations specialist with 22 years of experience. Specializing in thought leadership B2B PR campaigns, Startup PR, and new product launches for B2C companies. I use the same media relations techniques I learned my first day on the job: tell the right story to the right reporter at the right time. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ve worked for large global public relations agencies and small creative boutiques, and spent 18 months handling all of the PR for TransUnion’s B2B divisions.

Robert A. Lynch

PR Services


Build brand by securing media coverage.

  • public relations campaign strategy
  • public relations plan
  • storytelling platform
  • media relations
  • analyst relations
  • tradeshow public relations
  • press release writing

Media Training

Prepare for media interviews and learn how to deliver soundbites with confidence.

  • What to say (message development)
  • How to say it (message delivery)

PR 101 Class

DIY PR. A small business public relations course where you will learn:

  • what makes news
  • how to craft your story
  • how to develop a media pitch
  • how to contact a journalist
  • how to follow up

Thought Leadership

Establish thought leadership by sharing expertise and serving as an expert source for the media.

  • speaking engagements
  • contributed thought piece/byline articles
  • expert media source
  • white papers
  • case studies

Rob is a fantastic PR director and collaborative partner. Over the past eight years, our thought leadership program has generated significant and consistent awareness among our target audience of HR decision makers. We now speak regularly at our high profile industry conferences in front of large audiences. The placements he secured have lead to other publicity and potential sales opportunities. The byline he wrote and placed was among the top 10 most read of 2018. And the award submissions he crafts consistently win awards.

Every activity Rob undertakes is aligned with supporting sales, the turnaround on projects is immediate, the recommendations are thoughtful and strategic, and he brings great energy to the company. Highly recommend Rob. Any business that works with him is in good hands.

Gerri Leon | Executive Vice President of Marketing and Operations | Pinnacle Performance Company