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PR Strategy

Putting you in front of your customers

Who is you buyer? What is their pain point? How do you solve it better than anyone else? Why is it relevant today? Why should they care?

Everything I do is designed to:

  • Put you in front of your customers in the places they go to make informed purchasing decisions
  • Position your company and products as the solution to address their pain
  • Validate your company and solution as the only one to consider


What's your story?

If you could see a headline in any media outlet, what would it be and what would it say?

I have 25 years of public relations experience primarily focused on executing publicity and thought leadership campaigns for small and mid-sized businesses.

I use the same techniques I learned on the first day of the job: tell the right story, to the right reporter, at the right time. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Thought Leadership

Elevate your expertise

What's your point of view?

Thought leadership campaigns build brands by positioning you or your company as a subject matter expert.

Every opinion piece, best practice byline, speaking engagement, and media commentary should reinforce your expertise to build your brand.


Contributed Bylines

Turn insights into authority

What questions do your customers keep asking? What questions should they be asking? What are they missing?

I combine trends, timeliness, and relevance with customer pains to craft and submit industry bylines to position you and your company as the expert and solution to their business challenges.

I have written or edited bylines for Trustifi, Pinnacle Performance Company, and Rob Adler Acting Studio.


Speaker's Bureau

Speak directly to your customers

What if you could speak to 1,000 potential customers?

Speaking engagements at industry trade shows provide an opportunity to speak directly to an actively engaged audience of potential customers and highlight their current challenges and position you and your company as the hero to solve them.

I helped build Pinnacle Performance Company's Speaker's Bureau program from scratch. What began as delivering speaking engagements to 40 people at regional SHRM/ATD chapters turned into headlining one day chapter conferences to delivering mega sessions at SHRM and ATD annual conferences.

Analyst Relations

Is your company a leader?

Third party validation from analyst research firms can establish your company as an industry leader. Their seal of approval can be used in sales and marketing materials and open previously closed opportunities. And in some cases, they will introduce you to potential customers.

I have managed analyst relations outreach for Experian Marketing Services and Callisto Software. I identified the appropriate analysts, coordinated briefings, and prepared senior executives to communicate their story.


Customer Case Studies

Let customers tell your story

Do your target customers face similar challenges?

Customer case studies can pave the way for more business by validating your solutions.

I have written case studies for SPSS (analytics and decisioning), JBA International (ERP), Pinnacle Performance Company (communication skills training provider), and Fastcall (Salesforce call center app).

Securing Awards

Get recognized for your work

Is your company, product or solution leading the industry?

Earning industry awards can position your company as a leader and your solutions as innovative, and establish integrity and reliability over time.

I have written awards submissions for Pinnacle Performance Company, securing them an American Business Award in 2017 and multiple World Human Resources Development Congress Innovation in Learning Awards.


Rob is a fantastic PR director and collaborative partner. Over the past eight years, our thought leadership program has generated significant and consistent awareness among our target audience of HR decision makers. We now speak regularly at our high profile industry conferences in front of large audiences. The placements he secured have lead to other publicity and potential sales opportunities. The byline he wrote and placed was among the top 10 most read of 2018. And the award submissions he crafts consistently win awards.

Every activity Rob undertakes is aligned with supporting sales, the turnaround on projects is immediate, the recommendations are thoughtful and strategic, and he brings great energy to the company. Highly recommend Rob. Any business that works with him is in good hands.


Message Development

Clarify your message

Is your message resonating with your customers?

Sometimes messages are muddy, bogged down with platitudes or jargon, or focus on the company instead of how it solves the customer's pain.

I can help you craft audience-focused messages that cut through the clutter. I can help craft headlines, talking points and key messages. I can help develop memorable, ear catching phrases (soundbites).

I've written messaging platforms for Brew Camp, Pro Speak for Athletes, and DLD Studio. And revised Fastcall's Salesforce app Exchange profile to reflect how it benefits its customers.

Media Training

Deliver your message with confidence

Can you deliver a clear, concise, and compelling message in a very short timeframe?

Media training prepares you to calmly, comfortably and confidently deliver your key messages to the media, customers, partners and investors. Learn how to control the interview instead of letting it control you. Learn how to connect with your audience’s emotions while easing their mind.

I have media trained Brew Camp's co-founders and TransUnion's subject matter experts.


Want to work with me?

Have  PR project or just kicking the tires? What questions can I answer for you?

My goal is to put you in the places your customers go to make informed purchasing decisions. Where do you want your company to be in two years? I can help you get there.

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