Why analyst relations should be part of your PR strategy (especially if you’re a B2B Tech company)

Rob LynchUncategorized

Most B2B tech companies want media placements in tier-one outlets:

Wall Street Journal
New York Times
Bloomberg BusinessWeek

And they think their solution alone is enough for a story.

It isn’t.

Those reporters want a full story.

That means:

✅ Trend
✅ Customer pain
✅ Company solution
✅ Customer story
✅ Third party validation

Analysts play a key role in this type of story.

While they won’t support your company outright.
And say you’re the best.
They can speak to the trend.

And help you craft the story.

Here’s why you need to add analyst relations to your PR program
Especially if you’re a B2B tech company.

Battle test company messages

The purpose of an analyst briefing
isn’t just to educate the analyst about your company.
Or your solution.
It’s to test your messages.

The best analysts are speaking with every company in your category.
They’re aware of other company’s solutions.
And their target customers.
They’ll indirectly help you with positioning.
And your messaging.
If you listen closely.

Third Party Validation

Analyst briefings allow you to determine where
your company 
and your solutions
stack up against your competitors.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, for example, plots you on a graph:

Are you a niche player?
A challenger?
A leader?
A visionary?

Appearing as a leader or visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
Can validate your company
And your solution
And serve as a reason for reporters to speak with you.

Identify trends

Analysts know what’s happening on the ground level.

They release reports with their findings.
On the latest trends.
And their expectations for the future.

These findings can provide another reason to reach out to reporters.
Especially if you’re company is part of
Or leading the trend.

Ego stroke

Analysts love to share their expertise.
To build their personal brand.

So it doesn’t hurt to ask them
if they would be willing to speak with reporters.
And provide their contact information if a reporter is interested.

Not to validate your company 
Or your solution.
But to validate the trend.