Why analyst relations should be part of your PR strategy (especially if you’re a B2B Tech company)

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Most B2B tech companies want media placements in tier-one outlets: FortuneForbesWall Street JournalNew York TimesBloomberg BusinessWeek And they think their solution alone is enough for a story. It isn’t. Those reporters want a full story. That means: ✅ Trend✅ Customer pain✅ Company solution✅ Customer story✅ Third party validation Analysts play a key role in this type of story. While they … Read More

When To Hire a Publicist

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A week ago, I taught a PR 101: Small Business Publicity Class at General Assembly Los Angeles. The session focused on the tips and tricks to providing the information to increase your chances of encouraging a reporter to cover your company’s story. One of the questions asked during the session was, “When should I hire a publicist?” It’s a challenging … Read More

StartEngine Accelerating LA’s Tech Scene

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  I worked for a small high tech PR firm for my first job out of college. The Internet was really taking off and major cities across America were trying to stake their claims as the next Silicon Valley. Chicago was Silicon Prairie and New York was Silicon Alley and startups were popping up all over the place. Then the … Read More

Mad Men: Publicity And Presentation Tips From Don Draper

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  Mad Men Season 7. I love the show on so many levels, but for me, the scene I watch over and over is Don’s Carousel pitch to Eastman Kodak in the Season One finale, “The Wheel.” Aside from being riveting television, Don provides some practical lessons for pitching your business or your client (what to say) and some valuable … Read More

Major League Baseball and Publicity: Home Runs vs. Hitting for Average

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Baseball season starts today. I’m sure the stadiums across the nation are blasting John Fogerty’s Centerfield. For the Chicago Cubs faithful like me, hope springs eternal this year ends the curse and they bring home a coveted World Series Championship. Today also provides a good reminder on how small and medium businesses should approach publicity. Baseball and publicity go hand … Read More

Book Review – Gary Vaynerchuk’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

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While I don’t handle social media for most of my clients, I do like to keep up to date with the latest and greatest. I recently picked up Gary Vaynerchuk’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – How To Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World. It’s a good read. To boil the book down to one sentence – “Content … Read More

Media Training Tips – The Spike Jonze/BBC Interview

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It’s Academy Award season and that means the marketing machine for top movie contenders is in full gear. In case you missed it, here’s an interview between the BBC and Spike Jones courtesy of @LAist regarding Her. And while it’s pretty awkward, it provides some good media training lessons for businesses: Not everyone likes your product. That’s a tough pill … Read More

Repurpose Stories To Extend Shelf Life

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You secured a great story in an outlet your target customer reads. Awesome! After high-fiving everyone in the office, fielding a couple calls from potential customers that read the story, you head out for celebratory drinks. A week later, it’s crickets. The glow of the story is gone. I belong to an indie PR facebook group and a fellow freelancer … Read More

500 Small Businesses Gather at Network Hack Meetup

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On Monday, January 20th, I attended Pay it Forward for Business’ (PIFbiz) Networking Hacking. Six Networking Groups – the Santa Monica Chamber, New Tech Happy hour, the LAX chamber, the Swedish American chamber, Tech in Motion and PIFbiz – came together with a focus on paying it forward. I met several interesting people, but three companies in particular jumped out … Read More